About the Artist: 

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Njeri Earth is proof positive that Motown still produces musical genius. Her sound is best described as Lauryn Hill meets MC Lyte with Motown in the background. Njeri Earth is not just another rapper; her lyrics are power packed thought provoking bombs to bob your head to. The June 1999 release of Wu Tang Clansman GZA/Genius’ album, Beneath the Surface, marked Njeri’s formal induction into the Hip Hop world. She co-wrote and performed on back to back tracks, “1112” and “Victim,” holding her own with veteran rappers. In August 1999 she performed on the Detroit leg of GZA’s “Beneath the Surface” tour. 

In 2001, Njeri Earth was selected for a speaking role in the hip hop film 8 Mile. Njeri performed her original lyrics as the “3rd Parking Lot Rapper” in the movie’s “Cipher” scene. Gaining inquisitive fans world-wide, Njeri released her first solo album Supa Sista in 2005. Njeri Earth has graced audiences throughout the Detroit area at venues such as Cobo Hall, St. Andrews Hall, Hart Plaza, the State Theater, and the Loading Dock. Njeri has also performed in New York, Atlanta, Indiana, and Canada, gaining fans along the way: 
“I like her entire CD and her live performances are ill.” -DJ Jimizz of WMBR 88.1 FM Boston 

“Njeri Earth rocks in a very serious way. She’s a for real musician and composer and her live performances are off the hook.” -DJ “Mark the Spark,” of 105.9 FM Detroit 

“Njeri Earth is one of those very few artists who is complete and self contained. Her music is powerful ” -William J. Hytower, Hytower Music & Record Company 
“I love Njeri’s Music.” -CoCo, Comedian and Radio Personality 

Several years following her first album, "Supa Sista," Njeri released her second solo effort "20-20," which displayed her broad range of musical talents, including several songs which highlighted Njeri's singing ability. Most recently, Njeri brought two refreshing pieces of Hip Hop artistry, "The Best Part" and "Return of the Supa Sista" Coming Soon: "Mother Tongue", and MORE! Stay Tuned; PEACE